About us

Dr Johan Schoeman

Johan Schoeman has a wealth of experience as an HR Director and as an MD and CEO of National Companies. Through his resilience and determination after leaving the corporate environment, he attended the Ross School Of Business in Michigan back in 2013 where he obtained his certificate for Positive Organisational Scholarship as well as affiliating himself with international experts in the industry, such as Prof Barbara Frederickson (2016 President of the International Positive Psychology Association), Bob Quinn (Co-architect of POS based at the Ross School of Business, Michigan), Prof Martin Seligman (The Father of Positive Psychology in the world), David Cooper-rider (The Architect of Appreciative Inquiry), and Dr Kim Cameron himself.

Dr Johan Schoeman has a passion for POS and his intention is to role out POS beyond the boundaries of South Africa and into all of Africa in the near future while remaining the number one POS advisor within South Africa and the African Continent.